OPLITE Bucket Seat GTR


The OPLITE GTR bucket seat combines aesthetics and comfort.

A professional quality fibreglass bucket designed to give a real immersion in the world of motor sport.

The open ergonomic design has been studied to suit all types of morphology, from a 1m70 for 60kg to a 2m for 120kg – Universal Size
The upholstery has a breathable, non-slip microfibre that provides comfort during long sessions.

The high density 35kg/m3 foam provides good support.

The seat is also equipped with 5 harness channels and the side fixings are universal with a 290mm centre distance.

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Bucket seat made of professional quality fibreglass.
Ergonomic design studied to suit all types of morphology, ranging from a 1m70 gauge for 60kg to a 2m gauge for 120kg – Universal Size


Equipped with 5 harness passages compatible with competition belts.
Universal side fixings with a centre distance of 290mm.


The upholstery has a breathable and non-slip microfibre providing comfort during long sessions, the high density foam 35kg/m3 ensures a good grip.


Exterior Dimensions
Backrest : 60 cm
Seat: 43 cm
Backrest height: 88cm

Internal Dimensions
Backrest : 32 cm
Seat: 36 cm

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 98 × 60 × 47.5 cm