OPLITE Keyboard & Mouse Tray


Essential module for PC gamers, the OPLITE keyboard and mouse holder offers a multitude of positions and 2 possibilities of attachment:
Directly on the front hoop of the chassis or on the tube of the gearshift support.

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Fully adjustable: height, tilt, angle and position
Direct mounting on GTR and GTR Elite
Tray size for keyboard 400 mm. x 177 mm.
Mouse tray size 180 mm. x 200 mm.
Height adjustment range 110mm
Tilt angle :
1st level: 80
2nd level: 80°.
Total possible rotation 360


Aerodynamic profile, 48mm carbon steel tube, it integrates perfectly with the design of the GTR / GTR Elite


48mm carbon steel tube laser cut
5 axis of rotation/tilt
Weight: 4,92kg
Package size: 48,5cm x 28,5cm x 19,3cm
Instructions and assembly tools included


GTR / GTR Elite, all types of tubular chassis with a diameter of 48mm
All types of keyboards and mice