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  • Triple Monitor Stand

    299.99 €

    The design allows the user to be in the centre of the field of view and to move the unit forward or backward to adjust the depth of field. You'll appreciate the overall rigidity of your riding gear with a 120° view of the track.
  • Bucket Seat GTR

    250.00 €

    The GTR OPLITE bucket seat combines aesthetics and comfort. The bucket seat is made of professional quality fibreglass and provides the player with a real immersion in the world of motorsport.
    The open ergonomic design has been studied to suit all body types, from a height of 1m40 for 60kg to a height of 2m10 for 135kg.
  • Triple Monitor Stand GTR S3/S8

    199.99 €

    Your cockpit and your screens become one! The Triple Monitor Stand GTR is the 3 screen stand designed for your GTR cockpit, the latest simulation platform from OPLITE.

  • GTR S3 Back Frame

    169.90 €

    The GTR S3 Back Frame is the key piece to transform your GTR Wheel Stand into a real simulation cockpit!  

    99.90 €

    Expert in ergonomic design for the office and gaming sectors, OPLITE presents its FULL FORCE KIT dedicated to your GTR S3 & GTR S8 cockpit. It's time to switch from gamer to pilot! Racing or Aviation, take your pick!
  • Monitor Stand GTR S3/S8

    99.90 €

    Your cockpit and your monitor become one! The GTR Single Monitor Stand is the perfect monitor stand for your GTR cockpit, the latest simulation platform from OPLITE.
    Its racing-inspired design offers an ergonomic and comfortable driving position in perfect harmony with the design of your chassis.
    You will appreciate the look and the overall rigidity of your driving equipment.

  • Simracing & Flightsim Holder

    99.90 €

    The Simrace and FlightSim Holder is for the most demanding simulation enthusiasts.
    This support allows you to receive your devices dedicated to car simulations as well as flight simulations: gearbox, hand brake, throttles and joystick.

  • GTR Universal Console Mount – UCM

    89.90 €

    The UCM (for Universal Console Mount) is the ideal accessory for console gamers equipped with an Oplite GTR cockpit. Designed to support, store and secure your Playstation and XBOX console against any mishandling, the UCM allows you to arrange your setup in the best conditions
  • Gear Shift / Hand Brake Holder GTR S3/S8

    69.90 €

    The OPLITE Gear Shift & Handbrake Holder is a gearbox and handbrake mounting system.
    It allows pilots to install a handbrake and gearbox on the cockpit.